Strategic Quality Improvement Boosts Customer Satisfaction for CBI
Sunday, February 09, 2014

Commercial Bank International (CBI) has implemented a number of key initiatives as it strives for greater customer satisfaction. The first of these was to embark on a total rebranding exercise, which saw all the branches and ATM’s across the country rebranded with a new logo and corporate identity. During this time, the Bank also launched a range of new products, including a new Auto Loan product, a revised Home Loan product a new Credit and Debit card suite of products and seven new Bancassurance products amongst others.

Strategic Quality Improvement Boosts Customer Satisfaction for CBI
Strategic Quality Improvement Boosts Customer Satisfaction for CBI

Kris Babicci, CEO Commercial Bank International said, “Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do and we want to ensure our customers get the best possible service each time they visit us across all our touch points. We are investing in training our staff continuously to exceed service expectations across all our banking channels.”

A strategic partnership with the popular television programme Freej gave more prominence to the bank last year. We also saw the launch of the Bank’s new EMV “Chip & PIN” credit cards (Fee Free MasterCard Titanium and the Low Rate Visa Platinum Card), both of which increased value and payment security to our customers. This launch was successfully complemented by the rollout of the new EMV Debit Cards, giving CBI customers even greater payment convenience. 2014 promises to enhance the Bank’s card portfolio even further with the launch of new and exciting products.

In an effort to improve the overall capability of staff and to ensure winning customer service, the Bank has invested heavily in frequent training for all Sales and Call Centre Staff. This led to significant progress in improving customer service and quality standards. In recognition of this, the 8th Annual Bank Benchmarking Index (2013) sited CBI’s Call Centre to be one of the top for service in the UAE.

Recently, CBI released a survey showing that people who are satisfied with their financial services partner are also satisfied with their finances. According to the survey, 67% of consumers who are happy with their bank report that they have low or no financial stress and more than half are optimistic on their financial future. Customers also indicated that they prefer uncomplicated products with no hidden fees. Of those surveyed, 82% appreciated friendly service, 62% wanted easy to navigate on line banking and 60% want convenient products.

In 2014, the CBI team will continue to develop and build deeper customer relationships by offering innovative, customer focused and segment relevant products and services. We will focus on re-engineering processes to provide better service delivery and improve efficiencies in our branches. The bank also intends to grow its retail franchise by opening a number of new branches in key locations across the UAE in 2014.



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