When was CBI incorporated?

CBI was incorporated on January 1, 1991.

When was CBI listed on ADX?

The company was listed on April 2, 2002.

Where is CBI headquartered?

Established in Ras Al Khaimah, the day-to-day operations are co-ordinated through its head office in Dubai.

Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results announced by CBI?

To view and download the latest financial results, please click here.

Does CBI have a corporate governance policy?

To view and download our corporate governance policy, please click here.

How do I obtain an annual report or a company information pack?

To obtain an annual report or company information, please click here.

How can I contact CBI’s Investor Relations?

Please contact the Investor Relations team of CBI at:

Al Riqqa Street, Deira, Dubaii
Telephone: 04 2275265
Telefax: 04 2279039
P.O.Box 4449 Dubai
Banking Hours  Saturday to Thursday  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Toll Free  800 CBI(224) 24/7

Where is the CBI stock listed?

CBI is listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

How can I buy shares in CBI?

CBI shares can be purchased through a registered broker.

FAQ on the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

What is IBAN?

IBAN is the acronym for ISO 13616 standard compliant International Bank Account Number. IBAN is a unique customer account number which can be used confidently in making or receiving payments (excluding cheques and credit cards) within the country as well as abroad.

Can you explain briefly the IBAN for UAE?

According to the ISO compliant IBAN Standard issued by the Central Bank of UAE, all IBANs have a fixed length of 23 characters:

e.g. AE530220000100011122222

The first two characters reflect the country code which is AE for your account.

CBI Bank code is 022 which is also part of the IBAN.

We have advised all our customers by letters in Arabic and English of their individual IBAN numbers.

What is the difference between an IBAN and a normal account number?

An IBAN can always be distinguished from a normal customer account number by the following:

  • Two letters at the beginning of the IBAN, which refer to the country code where the account resides;
  • Two numbers (in the third and fourth position of the IBAN), which represent the check digit;
  • Three numbers (after the check digits) to identify the respective bank where the account is maintained;
  • The length of the IBAN is 23 characters. For example: AE530220000100011122222

Why did the United Arab Emirates decide to introduce IBAN?

The United Arab Emirates decided to implement IBAN to increase efficiency of electronic fund transfers. The ISO IBAN Standard provides a methodology for a bank initiating a payment to check the accuracy of the IBAN of the recipient, regardless of the bank where the account is maintained. Therefore, any electronic payment containing a valid IBAN could be credited faster to the recipient’s account.

Having considered the benefits of IBAN in increasing the efficiency of local and cross-border electronic payments, the Central Bank has included IBAN as a project for further strengthening UAE’s status as the regional financial centre.

How would Bank customers benefit from IBAN?

The main benefit of IBAN to the customer is the assurance of making a payment to the correct account without delay. Since banks check the accuracy of the IBAN at the point of initiating a payment, they can only make the payments which carry the correct IBAN.

Who requires an IBAN?

Bank customers, who receive or make electronic payments in UAE or abroad, will require IBAN. If you have more than one account at your bank, you will require an IBAN for each of your accounts.

How can I get my IBAN?

Each of your account numbers will be converted into IBAN format by the bank and has been communicated through a letter. Your Monthly statement will carry the IBAN for easy reference.

You can always obtain your IBAN by visiting the CBI branch nearest to you.

For which transaction(s) can IBAN be used?

IBAN can be used for the following domestic and cross-border payments:

  • Initiating an electronic payment to an account holder at a bank in the UAE;
  • Initiating an electronic payment where the usage of IBAN is compulsory;
  • Receiving an electronic payment from a person in a country that has adopted IBAN;
  • Receiving an electronic payment through an account of a person or company in the UAE;
  • Receiving an electronic payment through a company in a country that has not adopted IBAN.

Do the existing account numbers become invalid with the introduction of IBAN?

No. Your existing account number will continue to be valid. IBAN is not a new account number. It simply represents the existing account number in an electronically recognizable ISO standard format. The adoption of IBAN in UAE does not require changing or replacing the existing account numbers. You will continue to use your existing account number for the transactions & requests within the bank.

Is the IBAN to be used only for international payments?

No. Customers have to use IBAN in making and receiving international as well as domestic electronic payments.


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