Debit Cards

A safe and convenient option with no hidden charges or interests accrued, CBI’s Debit Cards can be used for accessing current and savings accounts of customers through the ATMs as well as for purchase of goods and services.

By paying in cash but without the trouble of having to make physical cash payment, Debit Cards significantly enhance security and ease of use.

CBI MasterCard Debit Cards are linked to Savings and Current Accounts that are owned by the customer. They ensure instant cash withdrawal and can be used in any domestic ATM connected to a UAESwitch or any ATM in a GCC country linked to GCC NET or any international ATM with a MasterCard or Cirrus logo.
Transactions will be directly debited to the customer account, and cardholders can regularly monitor the card balance at any ATM or online.

To open a Current or Savings Account and apply for a CBI MasterCard debit card visit your nearest CBI branch or contact our Customer Care Centre, 24x7 at 800CBI (224)


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