How to Use the CBI Security Token


What is a security token?

Protecting the integrity of our customers’ financial information is our top priority. The CBI security token is a security application used to authorize access to CBI’s Internet Banking Services. It allows you to generate passwords when you need to log in to Internet Banking. Our security tokens offer enhanced protection and increase the mobility in accessing our Internet Banking services, giving you more convenience and improving your experience online.

You  are required to use a security token  whenever  you login  to  your  Internet Banking  account to make a transaction and we provide two types of security token. These are:

  • Hardware Token
  • Software token

Hardware Token

Our Hardware tokens generate token codes using a built-in clock and are like USB devices. The token code in the display will be changed every 60 seconds. Lifetime indicator will display the duration of the existing code. If the indicator displays only one bar, it is recommended to wait for the next code.

hardware token
Figure: Hardware Token

How to use the Hardware Token:

  • Please collect your hardware token from branch during registration.
  • To start using your hardware token, please follow the steps in the email confirming your registration. If you did not receive any email within  3 working days, please contact with our 24/7 Call centre 800224
  • To log into Internet Banking as a first time user, go to

Retail Banking Login – First time User – accept the terms and conditions for CBI Internet banking - UserID --> Token PIN code displayed on provided hardware token
Please see the section How Do I Use CBI Internet Banking for more details.

Software Token:

Software Tokens use the same industry-leading time-based algorithm used in hardware tokens. Instead of being stored in hardware, the software token is secured on the user's personal smart phone.
Software tokens are available via any handled smart device such as an iPhone, Android-based cell phone or Windows phone. Once installed, the SecurID software generates token codes, which are displayed on the screen of the device.
Software Token authenticators support the most popular smart phones and tablets including

  • Google Android 
  • Apple iOS 
  • Windows Phone 
  • BlackBerry OS 10 and above

How to Install Token Generator Software in Smart Devices

If you are registered for Software Token, you need to install Token Generator App software in your smart phone. 

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration. If you did not receive any email within 03 working days, please contact the CBI Contact Centre on 800224  
Contact our Call Centre 800224 to activate the userID. Upon activation you will receive the software token URL to import the token


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