Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a CBI Security Token?

To get a Security Token you have to register for CBI Internet banking Service. Hardware/Software token will be assigned to you after your successful registration. For further details contact 800224.

What if my CBI Security Token is not working?

Please contact 800224 for any assistance.

How many times can I attempt to log in before the system locks me out?

The system will automatically lock you out after 3 unsuccessful authentication attempts. Please contact 800224 to unlock/reset your token. 

How can I change my Pin?

For change pin you have to login to your Internet Banking service. Click on “Change PIN” Menu to change your pin.

How many times can I use the code displayed on my token?

Each code may only be used once.

If you require further information For more Information, please contact our Contact Centre : 800 224 or e-mail us at:


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