Protection Plans


1. Futura

"Futura" from Zurich International Life Limited is a lifetime insurance plan with flexibility - allowing you to make changes to the plan as the circumstances of your life change. You can have peace of mind that at any stage in life, Futura offers protection for you and your family the way you want it.

"Futura" has a wide range of optional additional benefits that provide financial support for you, your family and/or your business in the event of severe illness, accident, and loss of life. What’s more, to ensure that the value of your protection and benefits are maintained, you can build in an indexation which helps offset the effects of inflation, automatically.

2. International Term Assurance

A level term life insurance plan from Zurich Life International Limited, "International Term Assurance" offers a simple and cost-effective way to provide future financial security for your dependants and/or business in the form of a pre-determined cash sum.

Term assurance is regarded as the easiest and most economical way of providing future financial security for your dependants should you suffer from defined critical illnesses, become permanently and totally disabled or in the event of loss of life.

3. Health Insurance

"Criticare" from MetLife is a limited pay Critical Illness product that offers a lump sum benefit upon the diagnosis of any of the covered 32 critical illnesses or a guaranteed no claim bonus equal to 75% of the premiums that will be paid at the maturity of the plan.

It provides critical financial support in times of great stress resulting from a critical illness and enables you and your family to continue to live life to the full.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lump sum amount paid upon diagnosis of any of the 32 covered critical illnesses.
  • Supplements existing health and disability insurance plans.
  • 3. Sizable Maturity Benefit if the protection element is not used:
    - Guaranteed 75% Payback of total premiums paid throughout the term of the policy.
    - Bonuses, when declared, will accumulate on each policy anniversary after the 2nd policy year.
  • Flexible terms of 10, 15, or 20 years – with limited premium payment terms of 5, 7 and 10 years respectively
  • Cover worldwide* if you move to another country

*Countries under International Sanction are not covered

Fees & Charges

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How to Apply?

Please call 800 224 or email for a quotation or for more information.


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